STREAM Girls is an outdoor STEM program for girls.

I’ve long said we need more young people getting interested in fly fishing, and that most certainly needs to include more females. Trout Unlimited is doing their part with their new STREAM Girls program, in partnership with The Girl Scouts of America.

STREAM Girls is an outdoor STEM program for girls. This watershed experience employs STEM-education (science, technology, engineering, math) plus recreation and arts to explore a local stream. Every person is a citizen of her watershed, and TU has partnered with Girl Scouts USA to show what that means to us. By visiting a local stream and having the opportunity to observe it as scientists, anglers, and artists, girls will get the complete picture of what their stream could mean to them.

It’s up to us to make sure that the next generation of fly anglers are well-equipped to carry on the same passion, stewardship and conservation for years to come. STREAM Girls is a great program that looks to help with that.

For more information on this awesome new TU program, check out the TU websiteYou’ll find more information about the program, as well as a guide, notebook and plenty of downloadable resources to get going with the program.