The Monday Drift: 11/5/18

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Random tidbits to get the week started for 11/5/18.

It’s Monday, which always sucks, but tomorrow is Tuesday. Tomorrow is also voting day, so please get out and vote. It’s important to vote and you should never miss the opportunity to do it.

AvidMax - Fly Fishing Gear and AccessoriesIf you’re looking for some info on the upcoming elections, and how those elections affect our public lands, I can recommend some reading to you. Hatch Magazine recently dropped a great piece about 8 Senate races worth looking into. REI also recently wrote about voting in the interest of the outdoors, which is also worth a read.

In Flyfisherous news, the podcast is coming!! I’ll be launching the podcast in December so stay tuned for some more info on that. I’m really excited about finally putting this together and it’s going to be a great project to get rolled out for the winter.

I’ve also posted a few new journal pieces that you can check out. One is on processing a day on the river and the other is all about my bad casts and how they sometimes still catch fish. I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

Now, let’s go crush another week!

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