Random tidbits to get the week started for 10/22/18.

Welcome to another Monday, glad you could make it. It’s chilly in these parts, as we’ve now gotten into the 30’s at night. Winter is certainly moving in but those beloved fall days will still be with us for a little longer.

AvidMax - Fly Fishing Gear and AccessoriesThe best holiday of the year is almost here as well and I’ve got my costume all ready to go. I’ll be paying homage to Jim Hopper, the beloved police officer from Stranger Things, this year. Keep an eye out on the Flyfisherous Instagram feed to (maybe) see photo evidence.

As temperatures drop and daylight reduces, that’s typically a sign that more fly tying, and less fly fishing, are going to be the norm for a little while. I’ll be tying up a range of flies, one of which will be the Hare’s Ear Nymph that I posted about last week. We’re about two weeks out from delayed harvest. That means the spin fishing guys go into hibernation and the local streams become corn and red worm free for a little while. That also means you better have your fly box packed with an assortment of goodies. I’m working on that part.

If you need some noteworthy reading, check out an interesting post from the guys at Postfly (Recur Outdoors) about their latest investment strategy. Recur is killing it in the industry and they just keep progressing, innovating and filling a need. If you’d like to join them, now you can.

Finally, another batch of stickers arrived this week, so I’ll be getting those out to those that I missed on the recent round. Look for those in your mailboxes shortly.

Now, let’s go crush another week! And, go Sox!!!!