I’ve always looked at fly fishing as a hobby that you don’t really have to be good at to enjoy. The experience of doing it is the reward. If I based my enjoyment of fly fishing on the actual catching (and releasing) of fish, I’d rarely ever find the enjoyment in it.

The reward comes from the escape. Experiencing beautiful places; breathing that fresh mountain air. Some days it’s a game, but it’s one played by their rules, not mine. Other days it’s just an escape from the city. I never find them and they manage to intentionally never find me. And that’s okay, too. You have to expect those types of scenarios, mainly because they tend to happen quite often.

I’ve been skunked hundreds of times. All of those were 100% my fault. But I’ve never regretted getting out there and trying after one of those days. Ever. The enjoyment, and the reward, was received regardless of the outcome. I’m an average fly fisherman at best. But my skill level doesn’t relate to my enjoyment level of practicing those skills.

Get out there and enjoy it. Be thankful you can do it. The experience is the reward.