Fly fishing is an escape I welcome as often as possible.

Our country is hurting. From the very top, to the very bottom, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Fact really is stranger than fiction these days, and it only seems to be getting worse. Can it get worse? Yes, it can, unfortunately.

And I’ll never understand why some people choose to do the things they do. I can only look at it and think that it’s not meant for me to understand. Our lives have become a constant clusterfuck of work, fear, stress, obligations and decisions. It’s hard not to let those things affect us in unhealthy ways, while it’s easy to get jaded on the latest headlines flowing through the news cycle.

It’s time like these that I take comfort in knowing that I can escape it all when I need to. There is a very good reason that more people than ever are getting outdoors. It’s not incidental that the outdoor retail industry is growing at such a rapid pace. Nature, it seems, provides a welcome alternative to the rat race of city life.

Fly fishing on the Chauga river -

Fly fishing is my escape. Standing in that stream, I’m not thinking about work. I’m not analyzing the latest embarrassing thing our President has done. I’m not worried about if I’ve said the right things or made the right moves. I’m not worried about meeting invites or project deadlines. Instead, I’m taking in the scenery. I’m focused on drifting that fly in that spot for that trout. I’m enjoying the fresh mountain air as the stream breaks around my waders to keep pace to it’s intended destination.

Fly fishing provides an escape. It’s a short window of time that involves nothing more than me and the fish that I pursue.

I walk those banks free from the stress, and the grind, that put me on that bank to begin with. It seems like every trip I make to the river these days is because I just have to get away. I have to unwind. I have to get that cool mountain air back in my soul to keep me motivated. And I leave there fulfilled. I leave there already looking forward to the next time that I can escape it all again.

Fly fishing is my therapy. It’s an escape that I welcome as often as possible.