Resonator fueled folk songs from Duluth, Minnesota.

When I’m looking for some good music to set the mood for a fly tying session or a trip to the local stream, Charlie Parr is always top of mind.

An easily confused and very shy individual, Charlie Parr has been traveling around singing his songs ever since leaving Austin Minnesota in the 1980’s in search of Spider John Koerner, whom he found about 100 miles north at the Viking Bar one Sunday night. The experience changed his life, made him more or less unemployable, and brings us to now: 13 recordings, 250 shows a year or more, 200,000 miles on a well broke in Kia, and a nasty fear of heights.

His style is a mix of country, blues and folk that I always find fitting for the times. After 13 full-length albums, it’s easy to find something you can relate to in some way. In many ways, I feel like Charlie Parr is telling the story of my life through his songs, although he’s really just relaying his own story. Music always has a way of finding common ground with those that enjoy it.

If you’re not familiar with Charlie Parr, I’d highly recommend you stroll through his catalog of music and find something you can relate to. The authentic sound, and the true-to-life storytelling, is something that I think you’ll enjoy. He’s quickly become a favorite during my fly tying sessions.

Check out his website for the discography, tour dates and more. You can also add him to your next Spotify playlist.