About Flyfisherous

Flyfisherous started in 2010 around the same time my fly fishing addiction did. It originally became a way to document my experiences in learning how to fly fish, but then it morphed more into a resource for others that were learning or wanted to share experiences in the fly fishing community. Today, it’s my online journal of sorts as well as a place to share more of the culture, industry and community around fly fishing.

Flyfisherous is an outlet used to introduce, promote and share the art of fly fishing. I’m not famous. I’m not in the industry. I’m just a guy that found fly fishing and decided to share my experiences, tell my stories and share content from this community. My goal is to share my experiences and hopefully help others along the way enjoy theirs. You’ll find all sorts of content here with most of it being centered on small stream fly fishing, which I believe is the true beauty of the sport.

FYI: The original Fisherous.com website is still around. If you’re looking for the archives, that’d be a good place to start.

About Me

I’m Cory and I dig national forests, small mountain streams, good tacos and cheap beer. I’ve been known to sling flies and talk about it on the internet. These days, I prefer outdoor adventures in several varieties, including fly fishing, camping, mountain biking and exploring the backcountry.

I’m a web dev engineer to pay the bills, but I’m an avid outdoorsman at heart. It started around 5 years old on the banks of Lake Hartwell but it’s morphed into a life long passion that I can’t get enough of. I live everyday continuing to seek out freedom in wild places.

I live in Greenville, SC with my wife, Ivey, and our daughter, Ansley.

Interested in chatting?

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